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CORONAVIRUS New Will Applications Protocol




 Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives


Following the Government lockdown rules precluding my meeting new applicants face-to-face to arrange their Wills and / or Powers of Attorney, my Estate Planning Legal Services practice is very much open for business, operating via telephone, email and, notwithstanding police checks preventing me from attending my local post office, by post 

I continue to be on duty 7 days a week, for both new applicants and my 740 existing clients

Thus for new enquirers, if you wish to commence a Wills application process, below I set out the information I would require from you, which can be advised and returned to me, ideally by email response, followed by telephone consultation and assistance




Your full name / address / telephone contact nos / DOB 

Passport or DVLA information

Date (year) of existing Will, if any: 



Marital status: 

Married / single / separated / divorced / previously divorced / partner / civil partner / cohabiting / widowed 



Children / step-children / grandchildren: Full name / age / (ideally address, but can follow later) 

Siblings: Only if potential beneficiaries : Full name / age / (ideally address, but can follow later) 

Nephews & nieces: Only if potential beneficiaries: Full name / age / (ideally address, but can follow later) 


Asset Count for Inheritance Tax check(Approximate figures are sufficient) 

      Current Value of main & other properties: £ 

      Mortgage: amount outstanding: £ 

      Personal life assurance death benefit: £ 

            Is the above written in trust ?

      Death in Service benefit: £ 

      Pension Funds: 

           Occupational: £ 

           Personal: £ 

      Total shares / unit trusts / ISAs: £ 

      Bank deposits: £ 


Executors: Typically spouse or partner 

Reserve Executors: Typically children if 18+, or siblings, can also be grandchildren if 18+, 1st, 2nd or Joint Reserves 


Legal Guardians 

Parents may want to ensure through their Will that, if both die, someone else is nominated to become legally responsible for their children under age 18. 

Without a Will embedding a guardianship clause within it, a child, on the death of both parents, could be placed with Social Services pending the appointment of a guardian: Social Services may refer to other members of the child’s family, but ultimately it is the Court and not those members of the family who decide who will look after the parents’ child or children. 

At worst, if there is no-one in the family of the child readily available, the child could be placed with foster parents until a decision is reached as to who should be given legal guardianship. 

Typically uncles & aunts, sometimes grandparents, can be siblings aged 18+ 


Distribution and direction of assets 

Typically spouse to spouse or partner to partner on 1st death, then to children / stepchildren on 2nd death:  Yes / No 

Substitute Beneficiaries: Should your children pass with or before you, grandchildren to stand in their shoes? Yes / No 

If no children / grandchildren alive when you pass, would you wish any or all of your siblings, then their children, (ie nephews and nieces), to inherit ? Yes / No 


Disaster / Tsunami Scenario

If there are no surviving relatives when you pass, the Government will inherit your assets:

To avoid this, appoint default beneficiaries, eg close friends or 1 or more charities, national or local  


Property Protection Trust

Protection of 50% equity in your home for the benefit of your children, in the event of 2nd marriage of surviving spouse or going into a Local Authority care home, by means of a Property Protection Trust arrangement  Do you require advice and guidance on this arrangement ? Yes / No 


Do you own a business ? 

If so, is your business a limited company ? Yes / No: If Yes, name and address 



Have you deliberately excluded any close relative as a beneficiary ?  Yes / No 

If Yes, please explain, eg estrangement or cognitive vulnerability               


Overseas Property

Have you made a Will for any property owned abroad ? Yes / No / N/A 


Funeral Arrangements 

      Do you wish for a cremation or burial ? Yes / No / Special Wishes 

      Do you have a pre-paid Funeral Expenses Plan ? Yes / No 

      If Yes, please advise scheme provider and reference no:  

      If No, would you like further information ? Yes / No  


May I assist you with any other concern or topic ? 




MARTIN ENGLEMAN  AIPW  AFPC DipPFS Certs CII (MP & ER)  (Mortgage Practice & Equity Release)  

Principal: Engleman Wills + Powers of Attorney + Probate + Equity Release

Estate Planning Legal Specialist with APS Legal & Associates Ltd 

Associate of The Institute of Professional Will Writers

Member of the Society of Mortgage Professionals, the Personal Finance Society and the Chartered Insurance Institute